Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main types of anesthesia?

There are three main types of anesthesia: local anesthesia, regional anesthesia, and general anesthesia. Each has many forms and uses.

Possible risks of anesthesia?

All tasks and all sedation methodology have some hazard related with them. These dangers rely on numerous components, including the kind of medical procedure and the ailment of the patient. Luckily, antagonistic occasions are exceptionally uncommon. Have confidence that your anesthesiologist will avoid potential risk to keep a mishap from happening, similarly as you do when driving a vehicle or going across the road. Since the particular dangers may differ, contingent upon what you are having done and your condition, we propose you get some information about the dangers that might be related with your up and coming sedation system.

Would i be able to eat or drink preceding my anesthesia methodology?

When in doubt, you ought not eat or drink anything after 12 PM the night prior to a medical procedure. In specific cases, the anesthesiologist may give a patient consent to drink clear fluids up to a couple of hours before the sedation method.

Could herbal medicines or other dietary supplements affect my anesthesia?

Anesthesiologists are as of now inquiring about precisely how certain herbs and dietary enhancements collaborate with specific sedatives. They are finding that specific natural medications may delay the impacts of sedation. Others may build the danger of draining or raise pulse. A few impacts might be inconspicuous and less basic, however for anesthesiologists it is smarter to foresee a potential response than to respond to a sudden circumstance. That is the reason it is essential to inform your primary care physician regarding all that you typically take before you have medical procedure.

How much is my procedure going to cost if I am a private patient?

In the event that you are a private (or self-pay) tolerant, it would be ideal if you contact our Customer Service Department for a gauge of how much your sedation bill will be. We should know the accompanying data: the office you will have the technique at, the name of the methodology, and around to what extent your specialist assessed the medical procedure will last.