Quality Care

At RedRock, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality anesthesia patient care in the nation. Our industry-leading clinicians, clinical quality committees, local clinical governance boards and proprietary IT tools enable advanced data capture, analytics and continuous improvement in all aspects of our practice. Our innovative ideas and measurement capabilities raise the bar for the entire industry and shape the future of anesthesia as we know it. Our program is a data-driven, clinical care and risk management program with proven, positive results. We monitor different clinical quality indicators, digitally collecting the data from every case, every day, at every facility we serve. Our best-in-class IT tools and advanced analytics allow us to generate accurate quality data and yield greater insight into quality patient care. By measuring our own quality metrics, we gain a visual of our impact on patient satisfaction, outcomes, OR efficiencies and more. We use this data to improve our care and enhance the patient experience. yielding greater insight into patient care. And, we can share this data through our quality dashboards with hospitals, ASCs, health systems, payers and other partners.